Patricia Wilson-Schmid


As I paint from my emotions, the act of painting is who I am. It is a line, a color, a shape, or an effect of light that inspires me. My spirit then directs me through the painting. Time embellishes my approach.
In the end the paintings and I have traveled through much effort and feeling. They are a part of who I am.  While viewers experience the painting, I hope they see me looking back through the brushstrokes, transcending time. It is the legacy I wish to leave for future human kind.  


Catching the Wind, Oil on Canvas

I have painted professionally since 1962, and am now able to dedicate my life exclusively to my art. My desire is to have others experience my art as a part of their lives – a connection between people, generations, and time.



Static Orb, Oil on Canvas

Cycle of Life, Oil on Canvas