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Memory Series: Multiple Memories - Echoes

“Sy Hakim is an artist and poet who has lived much of his life in Italy. This accounts for the many classical allusions one finds in his work.”

From the Cave 2

As an exhibiting artist , works have been shown and collected in Europe, Asia and the United States.  Currently I am most active with the American Color Print Society, The Philadelphia Sketch Club as well as The Plastic Club.

Grey Boulders Sunrise

“ Sy Hakim is a humanist, interested in…a diverse civility and the ethic search into the story of myriad civilizations and religions…he fulfills the obligations of his subject and forms… a validity combined to sustain his expressionistic [humanistic and poetic] concept…” [ S. Maugeri, Italian critic]


Imponderable Memories BW

Working mainly in oils, color prints and relief sculptures, my works attempt to fulfill the aesthetic concepts of Symbolic Expressionism.