Janice R. Moore


When she was six and sitting in her first grade classroom, Janice R. Moore began to understand that art was going to be important in her life. For a while, art took the form of theatre, which she studied at The Philadelphia Drama Workshop Studio. Later she moved to New Orleans, then to NYC. In both places, she performed in avant garde plays written by emerging playwrights.


Ascension I , 22x40” pastel

AscensionI I , 22x40” pastel

Eventually, wanting a quieter, less extroverted expression, she returned to painting, working exclusively in pastel on skyscape themes. “I liked the fact that color is more pure in pastel because it has a dry binder to hold pigment particles together. Oil, on the other hand, saturates pigment, affecting its color.” Moore showed her work primarily in galleries along the Northeast Corridor, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Coral Cameo – digital photograph

After moving back to the Philadelphia area in 1996, Moore experimented with digital photography, creating domestic still lifes – evocative scenes composed of her family household items mixed with scarves, jewelry and sometimes flowers.


Out of the Dark - 9x12”- transparent inks, pastel
Red World - 9x12”- transparent inks, pastel

Lately, she has been examining how to create other effects in her work by using transparent inks, acrylic, oil pastel and oil sticks and, of course, pastel. Each morning, she checks the NASA web site to see the Astronomy Picture of the Day. “Those photographs take my breath away!” she exclaims. Moore’s work has taken on a more abstract quality because of that space imagery.

“I feel like I’m beginning all over again,” Moore said, “And I find that both fearful and exciting. But I know I have to do it.”